Science And Medicine In Treatment Of Acne

Almost all doctors appoint to their patients alcohol-containing means for wiping the face. Sometimes the patient gets the recommendation not to wash his face at all, and only to wipe the face with the alcohol solution.However, researches show that alcohol and acetone destroy the protective barrier of skin. Besides, it is now found out that in development of acne the big role is played by biologically active substances of the albuminous nature allocated from the nervous endings in reply to various stimulus. It is shown, that the skin of people with propensity to acne is characterized by the abundance of the nerve endings increased by number of nerves, capable to allocate substances – initiators of inflammation.Therefore, all the substances which can irritate the sensitive nerves settling in the top layers of skin cause an aggravation of acne. Basing on the above-stated data, the majority of scientists recommend beginning the treatment of acne with transition to a sparing mode of washing with application of the soft clearing means specially created for a sensitive and injured skin. And, it is necessary to note that the some dermatologists give such recommendations to their patients.The strange situation has developed with ultra-violet radiation. On the one hand, scientists indefatigably investigate the injuring action of UV-radiation on skin. Now it is known, that UV both from artificial light sources, and from the sun, leads to the changes in the genetic formula of cells which in many years can lead even to development of skin-cancer. The role of UV-radiation in development of premature ageing of skin is proved. Meanwhile, many patients hear the recommendation to treat acne with UV-irradiation (UVI).It is known, that the UV-irradiation is applied for treatment of some diseases of skin (usually on skin the special substances are rendered, which raise sensitivity of struck sites to the UV-irradiation), but is it possible to recommend sunburn as means from acne, taking into account its injuring action on skin? At least, in the scientific literature there are no instructions that UVI is effective in treatment of acne, but there are data, that it injures the protective barrier of skin, oppresses immunity and promotes development of the substances causing inflammation.In spite of the fact that spots formally are display of disease of the skin – acne, many people consider them to be cosmetic lack which can be removed with some wonderful means. “How can I get rid of acne?”, “Prompt a fast way to cure spots!”, “I need to clear the face of spots to birthday – what will you advise me?”, “How to remove fat content of skin and black points?” – such questions overflow the pages of Internet – forums.In vain hope to get rid of acne, teenagers, young people, and very often also women of mature years, buy one wonderful means after another, are inspired by successes, become despondent from failures, and again start on searches. Those who battles with acne for rather a long time, already know practically all the modern means from acne, and have tried them or are going to try. By messages at forums it is not so easy to select the means for treatment of acne independently.