A Vertical Approach to Online Advertising – Better Results For Advertisers and Web Site Publishers

Advertising Networks act as an online agent collecting ads from advertisers who want to place ads on web sites and automatically places those ads on publisher’s web sites available ad space. This service has become increasingly popular over the last five years as an effective, low cost, advertising vehicle for businesses and an easy way for web site owners that have available advertising space on their web site filled to increase revenue with little or no increase in cost. There are two types of advertising networks:1. Horizontal or broad based advertising networks that focus on reach. These networks are best for consumer products that appeal to almost everyone.
2. Vertical market ad networks that focus on a specific target market. An example is the Marine Advertising Network that focuses strictly on marine products and services.Horizontal ad networks give a broad exposure but advertisers have no control over where their ads are placed, brand recognition tends to get lost, very few quality leads are generated and the buy in is usually very high making it hard for small niche market advertisers to use the service. Publisher’s income from their valuable web site advertising space is minimal on horizontal ad networks and publisher’s get no market specific support.Dedicated vertical market ad networks change this.For advertisers there are no blind ad placements, advertisers know their ads are being placed on web sites that have the audience their advertising is aimed at generating quality leads. Advertisers know how ads are performing; they can monitor results, adjust ad campaigns and control budgets, all online.For Publishers vertical market ad networks manage and sell ad space inventory increasing revenue while decreasing cost. Publisher’s web sites get increased market visibility.Both advertisers and publishers get marketing and technical support from experts that know the vertical market being addressed.CPM, cost per thousand ad views, on horizontal ad networks is less than $2.00. The reason, sales teams for horizontal ad networks sell the inventory as “remnant”, low quality inventory. Vertical ad networks, on the other hand, will command much higher CPMs more in line with what publisher members would sell ad space for directly since this inventory represents very high quality and relevant for marketers interested in reaching that verticals particular audience. The vertical market ad network provider handles the selling and inventory management issues for the publisher thus decreasing the publisher’s costs while increasing revenue.Internet advertising revenue for the first half of 2008 grew to $11.5 billion. (Display ads garnered 21% of this number). This is a 15.2% increase in Internet advertising revenue over the first half of 2007 according to The Interactive Advertising Bureau and Price Waterhouse Coopers report.Even in a down economy this segment of advertising is forecast to continue to grow as consumers are spending a greater proportion of their Internet time on web sites that match their interest.Get the best return on your marketing and web site investment in these trying times. Use a dedicated vertical market advertising network. Get immediate, quality, results. Maximize your web site and marketing investment.”Without a doubt, vertical ad networks are a much better option for marketers that want to reach a specific targeted audience” says Carter Hostelley, founder of Leadtail.com, a new web site that helps marketers find out where to advertise online.